TBX Convert: MRC

This utility converts MRC files into valid TBX-basic files, ready for interchange with other programs. MRC stands for "Multiple Rows per Concept", and is a standardized way of specifying a termbase without using XML. For more information on MRC format, see the short tutorial here. To download the Perl source code for this utility or read more information about its behavior, see this page.

One note about the converter utility: the lines in the MRC file must be sorted by ID (the first column) for it to work correctly. You will be notified via log messages if such a problem is detected during processing, but it is always better to double check (or use Excel to sort the rows).

File to be processed:

A word about security: When you upload a file to the converter, we only save the data temporarily. Your output file is only accessible via a randomly generated filename, and it is deleted 10-15 minutes after creation. You can also use the script over a secure connection if you'd prefer. (You may get a warning about the secure connection going to Bluehost; that's OK, they're our provider.)