TBX Checker is a general-purpose utility, written in Java, that checks files for compliance with a TBX TML. Any XML validator can verify that a file conforms to the TBX core structure DTD, but the TBX Checker additionally verifies that the file conforms to the constraints of its specific TML, as expressed in an XCS file.

To run this software, you are required to have the Java Runtime Environment (version X) installed. To find out whether you have the necessary Java runtime environment, enter java -version in a command line. If not, it is available for major platforms.

To run the TBX Checker, double-click the .jar file contained in the .zip download above, or enter java -jar tbxcheck-_._._ (where the blanks represent version numbers, as before) at a command line. The program is fully graphical; the "Open" button will bring up a dialog to select a TBX file to validate, and the dropdown menu controls the level of detail in the report (which shows up in a new window).

There are several common causes of non-compliance or of incomplete compliance, which you may encounter:

You can test the checker with some sample files.

Another approach to checking TBX files is to use an integrated schema that combines the constraints of the core structure of TBX and one TBX TML. Integrated schemas for TBX-Basic have been developed using the RNG schema definition language and the XSD schema definition language. More information on the integrated schema approach to TBX checking will be made available later.